Replacement Parts Definition

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Headquartered outside of Detroit, Michigan, Classic 2 Current Fabrication is the market’s most trusted manufacturer and distributor of replacement auto body panels. Everything is manufactured in the United States and provides a wide selection of hard-to-find floor pans, quarter panels, toe boards, rocker panels, trunk extensions and more for both classic and current vehicles. Classic 2 Current Fabrication is the only source for most products that are listed on our website.

Classic 2 Current Fabrication offers more than 30,000 new replacement auto body panels from many of the market’s top manufacturers and distributors. This massive inventory positions Classic 2 Current as the leading and most comprehensive provider of replacement body panels.

Replacement Part Definitions

Replacement Floor Pans
Floor Pans
Replacement Rocker Panels
Rocker Panels
Replacement Quarter Panels
Quarter Panels
Replacement Trunk Pans
Trunk Pans
Door Skins and Door Shells
Trunk Extensions
Trunk Extensions