Replacement Rocker Panels

Car accidents can cause serious damage that can alter the integrity of your vehicle’s exterior. When you’re looking for high quality replacement rocker panels, look no further than Classic 2 Current Fabrication. We are one of the nation’s leading suppliers of replacement rocker panels and offer the finest products the industry offers.


The rocker panels are the area of the body on the side of the vehicle between the wheel wells and below the doors. With their close proximity to the road, rocker panels are exposed to damage from stones and gravel. This kind of damage is prevalent on classic and muscle cars, so we carry top grade replacement rocker panels that will make your car look and function like new.


We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality replacement auto body parts available, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Our extensive inventory includes parts for all the top manufacturers, such as Ford, Jeep, Chrysler, Chevy and Toyota. The replacement rocker panels we've gathered for you here at Classic 2 Current Fabrication feature precise design and everlasting durability.


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