Quarter Panels

On an automobile, a quarter panel (or rear fender) is a body panel that covers the section between the door and the trunk. They are typically made of sheet metal, but are sometimes made of fiberglass and fiber reinforced plastic. They are the parts of the exterior of the car that is left once the hood, trunk, roof, doors, bumpers, fenders, lights, and plastic trim are taken away. They mainly wrap around the wheel wells towards the back of the vehicle. Damage to these panels does not affect the frame so these panels can be replaced with little effect on vehicles safety and crash worthiness.

This area is highly susceptible to rust damage due to the rear wheels splashing every element on the roads on it.

Classic 2 Current Fabrication offers lower quarter panel replacements as well as sectional replacements and OE style full quarter panel replacements. The convenience of using a lower quarter panel replacement is the height typically extends to the mid-body line of the vehicle, thus causing less work and area to cut and replace. Whether it be a full or partial replacement, we strive to offer you the most complete line of replacement quarter panels on the market.

Classic 2 Current is a leader in the rust repair panel market. We have one of the largest selections in stock with low competitive pricing and same day shipping. We also carry toe boards, rocker panels, truck pans and many other parts for auto restoration. Browse our products for order specific information on your vehicle or call our knowledgable staff at (313) 534-AUTO for more information.