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Classic 2 Current Fabrication is a trusted manufacturer of hard to find Pontiac rust repair panels and replacement auto body panels. We carry a wide selection of Pontiac floor pans, rocker panels, and cargo area floor pans, for the Pontiac GTO, Bonneville, Grand AM, and Pontiac models.  Breathe new life into your Pontiac — we have everything you need right here! Search our product list for your entire Pontiac parts needs.

C2C Fact:

Pontiac was an automobile brand that was established in 1926 as a companion make for General Motors’ Oakland. Quickly overtaking its parent in popularity, it supplanted the Oakland brand entirely by 1933 and, for most of its life, became a companion make for Chevrolet. Pontiac was sold in the United States, Canada, and Mexico by General Motors (GM). Pontiac was marketed as the performance division of General Motors for many years, specializing in mainstream performance vehicles. Pontiac was relatively more popular in Canada, where for much of its history it was marketed as a low-priced vehicle. GM retired the Pontiac brand in 2010.  The last Pontiac was built in 2009.