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Military Discount

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Classic 2 Current Fabrication Military Discount

Classic 2 Current Fabrication is a proud Veteran-Owned business.  It is our honor to offer a discount to our Active Duty Military members and Veterans.  We are proud to serve all who have served.

In order to receive your discount we ask that you provide us with one of the following forms of ID: (1) Valid Military ID, (2) Veteran ID Card, (3) DD Form 214.  We will keep this information securely on file so your discount can be applied to all your orders. 

  • Valid Military ID

    Give us your military ID number if you're an
    Active Duty member or a Reservist

  • Veteran ID card

    Submit your Veteran ID number if you
    served in the military

Thank you for your continued service to our great nation! Semper Fidelis!