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Classic 2 Current Fabrication is a trusted manufacturer of fabricated auto body panels and rust repair panels for Lincoln Full Size Cars, as well as other Ford models. In addition, we are a distributor of Lincoln Full Size Cars replacement auto parts and accessories furnished by some of the industry’s leading brands. Breathe new life into your Lincoln — we have everything you need right here! Search our product list for your entire Lincoln parts needs.

C2C Fact:

Henry Leland, a former manager of the Cadillac division of General Motors, and his son, Wilfred Leland, formed the Lincoln Motor Company in August, 1917. Leland named the new company after Abraham Lincoln, Leland’s longtime hero. Lincoln’s first source of revenue came from assembling Liberty aircraft engines, using cylinders supplied by Ford Motor Company, to fulfill World War I government contracts.

After the war, the Lincoln factories were retooled to manufacture luxury automobiles. Ford Motor Company purchased the Lincoln Motor Company in 1922, but Lincoln continued to operate as a somewhat separate company from Ford through early 1940. On April 30, 1940 the Lincoln Motor Company became the Lincoln Division of Ford Motor Company.