Floor Pans

The floor pan is the most important metal part establishing the chassis, body, and thus the car's size. It serves as the foundation of most of the structural and mechanical components of a unibody automobile to which the powertrain, suspension system, and other parts are attached.

Over time, your original floor pans will begin to rust because they have been subjected to road grime, salt, and water spray from your tires. Classic 2 Current Fabrication offers  rust repair and OE style replacement floor pans for hundreds of the most popular American and Foreign made car and truck models. Most of our floor pans are made of heavy gauge steel, and are precision fitted for the make and model of the vehicle it is intended for.

The floor pan can be made up into several different components. When dealing with sections, you furthest to the front would be the front toe board section. The front toe board sections are the elevated portion of the floor pan that is located directly below the pedals. Moving to the back of the car, you would have the front floor pans, under the front seat pans, rear floor pans and the under the rear seat floor pans.

With many of the older car models, they would also have a floor pan access panel. This panel is typically bolted onto the floor pan and would be where the master cylinder is accessed from.

Installation can be made a breeze when opting to go with a rust repair panel to fix a specific section of your floor pan. Once you receive the item ordered, simply place it on top of your original floor pan and mark the area where you would need to cut and once that area is cut out you simply weld the replacement floor pan section into place.

Classic 2 Current is a leader in the rust repair panel market. We have one of the largest selections in stock with low competitive pricing and same day shipping. We also carry toe boards, rocker panels, truck pans and many other parts for auto restoration. Browse our products for order specific information on your vehicle or call our knowledgable staff at (313) 534-AUTO for more information.