Door Skin



Door Shell

Over time the original doors of your vehicle will begin to rust because they have been subjected to road grime, salt, and water spray from your tires. Classic 2 Current Fabrication offers  a variety of replacement door skins and door shells. The door skin is the large sheet metal panel of the door visible from the outside. The door shell is just the door its self no working parts at all, nothing but the shells just a single sheet of sheet metal that gets put on the outside of your existing door.

Unlike other types of doors, the exterior side of the vehicle door contrasts sharply from its interior side (the interior side is also known as the car door panel): The exterior side of the door is designed of steel like the rest of the vehicle’s exterior. In addition, its decorative appearance, typically colored with a design, is intended to match with the rest of the vehicle’s exterior, the central purpose being to add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle exterior. On the other hand, the vehicle door’s interior side is typically made up of a variety of materials, sometimes vinyl and leather, other times cloth and fabric.

Classic 2 Current is a leader in the rust repair panel market. We have one of the largest selections in stock with low competitive pricing and same day shipping. We also carry toe boards, rocker panels, truck pans and many other parts for auto restoration. Browse our products for order specific information on your vehicle or call our knowledgable staff at (313) 534-AUTO for more information.