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  • Restore Your Car on a Budget
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    Michael LoIacono

Restore Your Car on a Budget

Restore Your Car on a Budget


Restoring a car can be a fun project and a good investment. Although, if you don’t do it right, it could be stressful and costly. Here are a few tips on making your restoration project an experience to remember. Oh, and it can be done on a budget. Follow these simple steps to keeping your project within budget and on task.


  1. Determining your Project

The first step towards starting your car restoration project is to determine what you would like to restore. The key to having a good outcome on your project is making the right choice. If you don’t have a lot of experience with car restoration you’ll want to start with an easy project and work your way into harder projects that require more time. This will increase your efficiency in getting things done and keep your cost low.


  1. Finding Quality Parts

You will need to inspect your parts. Make sure to check your parts for cracks and rust - two major issues with parts. Salvage the parts you can and determine which ones will need replaced. Keep the old parts that need replaced until your replacement parts arrive. This will allow you to compare to two and ensure you got the right parts before you begin installation. Classic 2 Current Fabrication offers a large collection of parts, some dating back to 1932 models. Check out our parts at C2CFabrication.com.


  1. Getting It Done

The best way to ensure that your vehicle restoration project is a good investment will be to do the work yourself. You’ll need a good workspace, like a garage, and the right tools. This can be a big investment in itself. Although, buying quality parts will make the overall job a lot easier. Set aside time to do your project. Do a little research and see what others say about how long it will take to complete your project. Car forums and blogs, like ours, are great tools to assist you in your project.


  1. Seek Out Help


Do not be afraid to seek out help if you need it. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to doing your own car restoration. You can find some tutorials on YouTube and some helpful information in blogs. Our staff at Classic 2 Current Fabrication is knowledgeable on every product we sell. The majority of our staff has restored cars themselves and can give you some first hand knowledge on issues they encountered. Feel free to call us at (313) 534-2886.


  1. Show Your Accomplishment


Take great pride in your work. You just completed your own restoration project. Post your picture on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I encourage you to join groups and forums on Facebook and online that share your love for automobile restoration. I look forward to seeing your project online soon.

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    Michael LoIacono