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SKU: 898-03s/898-55s/898-05A's/898-79's
$ 139.99 | $ 199.99
SKU: 898-03s/898-05As
$ 84.99

At Classic 2 Current Fabrication, we understand that replacing just one part may not always work.  To help you find the multiple parts you need, we have developed exclusive combo kits that are designed to meet all your rust repair and replacement needs. Our combo kits include several components that typically rust together, such as rocker panels, cab corners, floor pans, wheel wells, and other essential parts.


We offer a selection of parts that are crafted using premium-quality materials, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance to various environmental elements.  Our replacement parts are unrivaled in terms of both design and performance, capable of delivering optimal efficiency. 


We collaborate with leading manufacturers to provide you with competitive pricing on the most reliable auto body parts available.  We proudly offer a broad range of exclusive products manufactured in the United States – a rarity in this field. 


If you want to breathe new life into your vehicle, we have everything you need at the prices you want.